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HAPPY GALENTINE'S DAY 💕 advice from a gf, anniversary discounts, and more 💕 Galentine's Day simply celebrates the love that exists among girlfriends, the special bond that gal pals share and female empowerment. This holiday represents something special to the OBTC team, as our company is female-owned and operated. The foundation of our businesses's success rests in our sisterhood camaraderie, and we take great pride in that.  6 years years ago this month, we opened our very first Old Barrel Tea Company location in Ruidoso, NM. To celebrate we are offering 20% off a subscription to our Spring Tea Club from February 12-14! No discount code needed. Seasonal Tea Club Our Spring Tea Club shipment contains 6 of our favorite blends for the season - hand crafted in Albuquerque, NM....

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MATCHA CHALLENGE RECAP ∙ featuring testimonials from team members ∙ The end of a challenge marks the beginning of a new and improved you. We dived into 2021 by introducing a wellness-boosting challenge: drink matcha each day for the month of January.     Starting the year by practicing healthy habits that nourish our mind and body seemed especially important this year and matcha was here to help! Matcha improves brain function, is packed full of antioxidants, and reduces risk of cancer, and there are so many ways to use it! We shared brew tips, matcha recipes, and interesting facts on the history and uses of matcha throughout the month, and now as the month closes out, we wanted to share...

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HELLO 2021 💛

Happy New Year's Eve Friends!   Everyone say it with us: "2021 is going to be an amazing year!" The trick is to will it, right? 2020 has been a whirlwind! If it was hard on you, you're not alone, and we are sending love in your direction. Our strategy for staying sane in the craziest year we've ever seen was to focus on what we could control and to find the silver lining. Here is what that looked like for us… 1. We were lucky enough to be able to make renovations and focus on improvement projects while we were closed. 2. We worked on improving our systems and products. 3. We tried to make our teams feel loved and...

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Hi friends, This is Bailey here from OBTC. On January 1st we are starting the Matcha Challenge - 1 cup of match each day for the entire month of January.  A year ago, I reached out to my mom, who is a 3 time cancer survivor, and told her that if she would drink Matcha daily for a whole month, I would too. I told her about Matcha's cancer fighting abilities which is, obviously, the main reason I wanted her to try it out... but she didn't like Matcha! So I told her more about how it positively effects our mood, ability to focus, and long term neurological health. I told her about how it promotes healthy digestion and metabolism,...

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Coming Soon... The Matcha Challenge Some of you might remember participating in the month long Matcha Challenge last year.  What's the goal of the matcha challenge? To have matcha everyday for a month!  This year, we are starting the Matcha Challenge in January. Get stocked and get inspired so you can participate in the challenge starting on 1.1.21! MATCHA INGREDIENTS: powdered Japanese green tea TASTING NOTES: vibrant ∙ earthy ∙ grassy Why do we want more matcha? Matcha is amazing for you! Matcha is rich in polyphenols, and can help inhibit oxidative stress in the body that results in aging and chronic disease. Matcha is especially great for reducing risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer, and neurologically degenerative diseases like Alzheimer's...

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