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GOODBYE SEPTEMBER! Have you tried our September tea blend, spice, and essential oil combination? September is one of our favorite months of the year. Little hints of fall are in the air and we are busy as can bee! This transitional time of year is a great time to nourish the mind and body in preparation for a colder and calmer season. This September we focused on taking care of our neurological health by indulging in brain-boosting foods, drinks, and activities. Our featured September products are intended to keep you on your A game mentally, physically, and emotionally.  Check them out. ⬇︎⬇︎⬇︎ SPICE OF THE MONTH Salmon Rub Did you know salmon is one of the best things you can eat for...

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ALMIGHTY OMEGA 🧠 Did you know salmon is one of the best things you can eat for the health of your brain? That's why we picked our beloved Salmon Rub to be this month's featured spice! This September, we are focusing on living a preventative and healthy lifestyle. Feeding the brain the foods it needs to heal AND improve is one of the most important strategies to keep long term health in check. Salmon Rub Brown sugar, smoked paprika, dill weed, garlic oil, black pepper, lemon oil, sea salt, celery, dextrose and onion. Delicious rubbed on salmon, but can used on other seafood. Also use on roasted vegetables mixed with olive oil. So how does salmon improve our brain health? Salmon contains lipids...

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💚 GREEN CHILE 💚 the history & health benefits of New Mexico's favorite spice Green chile plays a significant role in New Mexican culture and runs deep in our roots. Dating back all the way to 1600, green chile has flourished in the sun-drenched valleys of southern New Mexico, and we put it in pretty much everything - even on our license plates! Hatch, New Mexico, is a tiny little town made up of mostly farmland, and is the birthplace of the widely popularized Green Chile that we know and love today. Some plots of farmland that grew chile hundreds of years ago are still in use today to produce the same crop! The town is also known as the chile...

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FEATURING THE OBTC LAVENDER FLOWERS | cook & prep time: 1.5 hours |   Ingredients:  2 tsp. OBTC Lavender Flowers 3/4 pound salted butter, at room temperature 1 cup honey 1 tsp. Mexican Vanilla Bean Paste 3.5 cups all purpose flour Directions: Grind your OBTC Lavender Flowers up very finely until it is almost a powder. In a stand mixer fitted with the paddle attachment, mix together the butter, honey, and lavender powder until combined and spread around the bowl. Add the Mexican Vanilla Bean Paste and mix just until it disappears. Add flour to the bowl, and mix together until a dough ball forms. Roll the dough out on a baking mat about 1/2" thick, then cut desired shapes. Place the cookies on...

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Golden Paradise Tonic Mango Paradise Green Tea with a Turmeric 💛 Infusion 💛 This golden paradise tonic recipe is like finding gold at the end of a rainbow. 🌈 It's a yellow-green brain-function boosting machine! The zesty yellow color from the Turmeric blends beautifully with the green Mango Paradise tea, creating a warm sunrise color. This lively mood booster is complemented with fresh mint, orange slices and honey-the perfect treat to welcome the warm weather. INGREDIENTS 3 tsp. OBTC Mango Paradise Tea 1 tsp. OBTC Turmeric 2 Tbsp. OBTC Wildflower Honey 1 cup cold filtered water fresh mint sprigs orange slices INSTRUCTIONS   1. Brew 3 Tsp of Mango Paradise in 1 cup of water for 3-5 minutes with hot, but not boiling water to make...

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