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LOVING ON MOTHER EARTH + ways to realistically live eco-consciously  🌿 ☀️ 🌸 ☁️ Happy April, you tea lovers! This month is one of our favorites because it reminds us of all that Mother Earth gives us. That's why we want to share some simple and realistic ways to live eco-consciously on the day-to-day. Here are a few realistic ways to easily reduce, reuse & recycle. ⬇ ⬇ ⬇ Reduce Food Waste. The key to reducing waste is often just using what you already have. Did you know that we discard 30-40% of our entire food supply in the U.S.? Food waste is one of the key contributors to global warming and climate change, but the good news is that food waste is actually really easy...

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🌼 Spring Fresh 🌼 Organize & deep clean your space for a fresh start. Cleaning essentials for around the home. Reusable Swedish Dishcloths - 3 Pack Lavender Herbal Natural Cleaner Wool Dryer Balls This dream team of natural cleaning products are must-haves for your supply cabinet! The Reusable Dishcloths are incredibly absorbent and made of earth friendly materials, making them biodegradable! Pair your dishcloths with our Natural Cleaner made to clear any mess on steel, glass and most other surfaces. Plus, its ingredients are non-toxic and contain no endocrine disruptors. Wool Dryer Balls are an excellent alternative to dryer sheets which often contain harmful chemicals. The dryer balls work to reduce drying time and static electricity, and if you like a fresh scent added to your clean...

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Ever walk into one of our stores and wonder why it smells so good? Handmade by the matriarch of the OBTC family, these candles are heavenly and will fill your entire space with a beautiful aroma. Each and every one is triple scented and hand poured with love into glass mason jars, so that you can see the brilliant color of the wax. 🌈 These candles have wood wicks that make a soothing crackling sound as they burn. Enjoy the aroma and relaxing wood wick sound while reading, working, or stretching. These candles will burn approximately 48 hours. Which scent matches your vibe best? Bee Pollen Candle Aroma Notes: rich honey • warm vanilla • fresh sunshine Burn to promote joyfulness. Herb Garden Candle Aroma Notes: herbaceous...

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SerendipiTEA Hand-Poured Candles Ever walk into one of our stores and wonder why it smells so good? Handmade by the matriarch of our OBTC family, these candles are heavenly and will fill any room with a beautiful aroma. In fact, these candles are what you smell when you walk into our stores (mixed with tea, honey and spices of course 😉). They will burn approximately 48 hours and each and every one of them is triple scented and hand poured with love into glass mason jars. Check out our new holiday scents & order today to receive before Christmas! ⬇ Santa's Spiked Spiced Tea Aroma Notes: cinnamon clove ∙ ginger root ∙ sweet apple Meet Me Under The Mistletoe Aroma Notes: orange ∙...

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DECEMBER INTENTIONS savoring the moment & giving back Happy December tea lovers! The air is getting chilly, the last leaves on trees are making their great descent, and the holiday spirit looms in the air. It is a time to connect with loved ones, and a time to slow down and savor the moment. This month we are focusing on being mindful and present as family and friends come to visit, and copious amounts of tasty food hide around every corner! Amidst the holiday madness, we hope you find a way to be present, to be kind, and to keep your center. Get your cozies on, make a hot cup of your favorite tea, and check out our tips on how...

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