living with more gratitude + shifting your mindset

Happy November tea lovers! The holiday season is right around the corner and there is so much to be thankful for. Practicing gratitude is our focus this month and we have tips for helping you focus more of your energy on soaking in all the joy around you.

Snuggle up, make a hot cup of your favorite tea, and check out our tips to living with more gratitude this November.


Humble yourself. 🍂

Pay attention when something frustrates you. Pin down the very thing that might be triggering you and look at the flip side of that frustration.

Does your partner move at a totally different pace than you? Always on the go and social or way too introverted? Rather than being frustrated by this innocent difference of personality, think about how it helps you grow and what you have been able to learn.

In your family relationships rethink "over-bearing" as "heart-felt and caring," and rambunctious as "energized and curious." Keep your boundaries and be true to yourself, but show gratitude to the people you love by looking at them in the kindest light.

Reevaluate. 🍁

Think about what is important to you and make those things your priority. Then, breathe mindfulness into your routine so you don’t leave things uncared for.

The act of taking care is an act of gratitude itself (your possessions, your body, your family, your work, etc…). Make a list of the things that are important to you. Take into account things you'd like to accomplish professionally, home projects you'd like to do, friendships you want to nourish, hobbies you want to indulge in, and lifestyle habits you'd like to practice. Use this list to help you simplify your priorities so you can give your energy to the things that matter most. 

Psst: it might be time to call a friend or family member just to catch up.

Take note. ✨

Notice all the special little details that make you feel connected to others.

When we are asked what we are grateful for, we often think "my house, my clothes, my dog...” Which of course are all things to be grateful for, but try focusing on the details.

Instead of thinking about the general "goodness" of your life, focus on the all the special little moments that have made you feel seen, understood, or heard. Like when your partner thinks to get your favorite type of kombucha from the store, or when you and a stranger share a laugh (which is a sure sign you could be great friends).

Are you in for a challenge?

Each November we do a gratitude challenge here at OBTC.

The challenge is simple:

 Avoid negative speech and complaints for the month of November.

Speaking negatively and even venting can reinforce negative thought patterns and spread more negative energy into the world. It can affect the mood and outlook of others, and it can put you in a loop of negative reinforcement. When something negative pops into your mind this November, gently dismiss it, and work on adjusting your approach. Having an issue: face it head on with kindness, but don't complain!

That's it! 🤓

We hope you spend November practicing gratitude and mindfulness, and that you feel happier and healthier by December 1st.

Keep up with the challenge and tag us along your journey on Facebook or Instagram.


Happy tea time friends!

Little things that make us smile.


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