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🐝 Pollinators on Duty 🐝 The bees are starting to pollinate. Here's what happens: The Earth is thawing, the weather is warming and Spring buds are popping up from the ground, ready to be pollinated! Spring is a vital time for all pollinators, but we are partial to bees, as it marks the beginning of the growth of a new healthy colony that will soon produce honey. The bees are our besties, so we want to shine the spotlight on them and tell you about why we love them so much, and how the hive works. Did you know that an average beehive can hold around 50,000 bees and that bees have inhabited Earth for about 100 million years? So really,...

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GROW YOUR OWN SALSA GARDEN WE KNOW IT'S FAR OUT… BUT YOU SHOULD DEFINITELY ORDER IN TIME FOR CINCO DE MAYO!​WHAT IS IN THE RECYCLED EGG CARTON?The Salsa Grow Garden consists of everything you need to start Roma Tomatoes, Jalapeños, Cilantro, Verde Tomatillos, Scallions, and Beefsteak Tomatoes CINCO DE MAYO PLANS IN THE MAKINGCinco De Mayo is a fun time to be in New Mexico. As many of you know, we'll take any excuse to cook up a bunch of delicious Mexican Food, make iced HORCHATA TEA for the family, and craft a herbaceous margarita. We know it's not really celebrated in Mexico, but in New Mexico it is a time to eat great food, play in the sunshine, and enjoy time with your...

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HAPPY EARTH DAY! THIS YEAR'S THEME IS: CLIMATE STABILITY WHAT CAN YOU DO TO HELP?A lot actually! You can use energy wisely by doing all of the following: unplugging electronics when you aren't using them installing a programmable thermostat using energy efficient light bulbs implementing strategies to keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer with out heat or air conditioning. This can include strategies like opening windows in the early morning to let cool air in and closing window coverings during the day to block out sun and lower the indoor temperature.  You can also reduce your impact by using cold water for laundry and either hang-drying clothes or using wool dryer balls to reduce drying time. WOOL DRYER BALLS We recommend...

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SPRING IS FOR GROWING  GROW A HONEY BEE HABITAT PLANT A BEE FRIENDLY GARDEN WITH THIS KIT! WHAT IS IN THE EGG CARTON?Open Pollinated Wildflower Seeds, Starter Soil, Growing Instructions, Bee Gardening Booklet & 100% Recycled Fiber Egg Carton PlanterWHAT SEEDS ARE INCLUDED IN THIS MIX?Basil, Blanketflower, California Poppy, Cape Forget-Me-Not, China Aster, Chinese Forget-Me-Not, Corn Poppy, Dwarf Sulfer Cosmos, Lacy Phacelia, Lance-Leaved Coreopsis, Lavender Hyssop, New England Aster, Prairie Coneflower, Purple Coneflower, Purple Prairie Clover, Rockcress, Scarlet Cinquefoil, Siberian Wallflower, Slender Mountain Mint, Sweet MigonetteIT'S FOR THE BEESThis colorful collection of perennial and annual wildflowers will provide nectar and pollen throughout the growing season.BEES WILL SHOW THEIR APPRECIATION FOR YOUR TRIBUTE BY VISITING OFTEN!

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KEEP YOUR INDOOR SPACE GREEN: HYDROPONIC MASON JARS COLD WEATHER WON'T STOP US 🌱HELLO SAGE, CHAMOMILE, & MINT. These hydroponics systems are a soil-free method for cultivating plants. They are self watering and push nutrients to the plants roots so they require minimal care. They are great for growing in a kitchen window, brightening up an office, or adding a fresh fragrance to any room.

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