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Lemongrass: antibacterial & digestive support 🌿 🍋 🌿 The Purifying Plant Historically, lemongrass was often used for its oils. During the 17th century, it was distilled and shipped around the world as part of the perfume industry. Lemongrass has been a traditional healing herb in its native regions for a long time. It is so helpful in reducing fevers that it has earned the name “fever grass” in some cultures. Lemongrass is refreshing, bright, and citrusy. Its herbaceous essence inspires feelings of cleanliness and peace! SCIENCE TELLS US Lemongrass is used for treating bacterial and fungal issues, as well as to reduce chronic inflammation for conditions such as arthritis and cardiovascular disease. Lemongrass has a cooling energy that helps to soothe your stomach...

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 🧡 orange peel  🧡 Improves Oral Health & Boosts Digestive System A sailor's BFF. Oranges symbolize good luck, joy, and creativity, but more famously, oranges were used to prevent scurvy. Sailors were initially skeptical that the solution could be so simple, but of course, they didn't realize that scurvy was caused from a lack of vitamin C. Read more on the health benefits of orange peel + check out our orange teas. ⬇ SCIENCE TELLS US Orange peel whitens teeth and reduces sensitivity. The citrus also acts as a natural breath freshener. The high concentration of Vitamin C and Vitamin A in orange peel will strengthen your immune system and keep a cold, cough, and flu far far away! Orange peels contain...

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✨ MANGO ✨ promotes digestion & supports heart health Mangos originated in India over 4,000 years ago and are considered a sacred fruit. They spread gradually throughout Asia and then to the rest of the world, but because of the mango's large center seed, the fruit relied on humans to transport them! Mangos are known as the king of fruits and in many cultures, they are also known as the fruit of gods. They symbolize happiness, love, wealth, and versatility. SCIENCE TELLS US: Mango is low in calories yet high in nutrients — particularly vitamin C, which aids immunity, iron absorption, and cell growth and repair. Mango has over a dozen different types of polyphenols, including mangiferin, which is especially powerful....

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say hello to butterfly garden + methods for the best brew Magical Color Changing Tea. 💜 💙 💜 💙 You asked, we delivered! This brand new blend has a delightfully citrus and floral flavor! When first brewed, this blend is an enchantingly vibrant blue, but turns sunset pink as soon as citrus is added to it! This tea is not only a visual delight, it is also packed with antioxidants and vitamin c, and is our ChariTEA – so 20% of the sales of this tea will be set aside to brighten the lives of others in need. We hope it brightens your day too! The ingredients in this blend can improve eyesight, increase skin and hair health, and boost immunity....

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BUTTERFLY PEA FLOWER promotes good eyesight & healthy for your skin Also known by its scientific name, Clitoria ternatea, the butterfly pea is a plant native to Asia. It is commonly enjoyed in countries such as Thailand and Taiwan, where it is mixed with honey and lemon. You may recognize it by its striking, vibrant blue flowers! Butterfly pea flower has been used throughout centuries for food and drinks because of the health benefits it provides. When the acidity of the pea flower tea changes, the color changes as well. Just add lime or lemon to your tea and watch the magic happen. ✨ SCIENCE TELLS US: According to a 2021 study, butterfly pea extract may increase your skin hydration by 70%...

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