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prickly pear iced tea + methods for the best brew. inspired by the southwest Our Prickly Pear tea is naturally sweet with a delicate tanginess! This tea is inspired by the popular southwest prickly pear cactus known for its surprising watermelon-bubblegum flavor. Our Prickly Pear tea emulates that unique flavor and also has a lovely light pink hue. We recommend drinking this tea iced  with fresh fruit or making it into a tea cocktail. We especially like to use it as a base for a prickly pear margarita. 😋 Did you know? Safflower, one of the main ingredients in Prickly Pear tea, is known for reducing cholesterol, improving blood sugar levels and fighting inflammation. It also adds lovely pops of yellow and orange...

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summerville sweet tea + methods for the best brew. you'll want to sit on your front porch for this one. Summerville Sweet Tea captures everything you love about a classic southern sweet tea. We amped up this beloved classic by adding a few different ingredients that highlight the natural crisp, cool and sweet flavors of a simple iced black tea. We recommend serving Summerville Sweet Tea iced, sweetened with lots of honey, fresh mint from the garden and lemon wedge. Did you know? Spearmint, one of the main ingredients in this blend, can help to balance hormones, alleviate bad breath, and improve digestion. Summerville Sweet Tea Made with black tea, oolong tea, spearmint, lemon peel, calendula petals, and natural flavors. Add...

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