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Here are the blends we included in the shipment:

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Enchanted Lavender Earl Grey & Vanilla Rooibos

This blend takes a spin on a classic afternoon tea, often served at tea parties! Earl Grey just became even more lovable, as lavender flowers, orange peels, and vanilla add a bold citrus-floral element to this timeless and tasteful tea. This blend protects the heart, reduces inflammation, and soothes anxiety.

Lemongrass & Chamomile

This light and sunshiney herbal blend soothes the mind and body, as both of the ingredients used in this blend are found in many gardens! Chamomile is comforting with earthy honey and apple notes, as lemongrass has a subtle citrus tang. Sip on this tea hot to wind down the evening as the crickets chirp outside, or serve it iced as a summertime refresher. This tisane works to promote restful sleep, calm the mind, and soothe aches and pains.

Strawberry Mojito & Berry

This summer refresher is made with herbs and fruit found in a verdant and bountiful summer garden! Mint, strawberry, lemon myrtle, rose, and blueberries capture the essence of a garden in full bloom, as the refreshing green tea in this blend adds a lush and earthy taste. This vibrant, juicy and herbaceous tea blend makes a great base for summer cocktails, mocktails, and limeades, perfect to share with friends and family on summer afternoons spent outdoors. This blend supports immunity, while promoting neurological health.

Crisp Apple Pu Erh

Formerly known as Irish Apple Pu Erh, this blend is bursting with fresh apple and lemongrass flavors, as delicate notes of rose complement this earthy pu erh tea. This tea is refreshing, hydrating, and makes the perfect outdoor adventure companion. Because of its energy and metabolism boosting properties, it makes for a great workout buddy and is intended to help you reach your summer fitness goals! Enjoy this tea iced while being active under the sun swimming, hiking, biking, gardening, or whatever it is that feeds your soul.

Bee Pollen Black

In celebration of all the pollinators buzzing about this time of year and helping us grow all of our lovely flowers and plants, we had to include Bee Pollen Black in this shipment! This blend is a decadent and high caffeine option, full of bold and sweet vanilla cake and honey flavors. The ingredients in this blend work to energize the body and soothe seasonal allergies. Drink this tea in the mornings as a substitute for coffee or to satisfy a sweet tooth.

Butterfly Garden

Say hello to our newest tea blend that is just as delicious as it is magical! This sweet citrus and floral blend is made with chamomile, rose, lemongrass, strawberry and butterfly pea flower, creating a delightfully citrus and floral beverage ideal for enjoying in the heat of summer. When first brewed, this blend is an enchantingly vibrant blue, but turns sunset pink as soon as citrus is added to it! This tea is a visual delight, is packed with antioxidants and vitamin c and is our ChariTEA–so 20% of the sales of this tea will be set aside to brighten the lives of others in need. We hope it brightens your day too!

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