Happy February friends and welcome to the second month of 2022! I hope January brought you a successful start to the year, and that you made time to enjoy some self care and some of the natural remedies we shared last month. This month we are combining two of our teas in a new blend and featuring one of our newer spices. Check out our products of the month below! 👇

Tea Blend of the Month:

Coconut Creme Pu Erh & Banana Bread Coffee Pu Erh

COCONUT CREME PU ERH & BANANA BREAD COFFEE PU ERH is blended with pu erh, coconut slivers, almond pieces, cacao shells, rooibos, banana chips, Durango Coffee Co. ground and whole bean coffee, marigold flowers, cinnamon chips, and natural flavors. This blend is decadent and dessert-like with coconut almond flavors, and comforting with sweet banana and creamy coffee. It is a great blend for boosting metabolism and digestion, while improving focus and energy.

This blend is lovely served hot with a spoonful of honey and a dash of cream!

Spice of the Month: Cocoa Espresso Rub

Our COCOA ESPRESSO RUB is blended with coffee, cocoa powder, brown sugar, onion powder, garlic powder, black pepper, and Hatch, NM Red Chile powder. It is a decadently flavorful rub crafted by our team chef, Bret, of the Durango, Colorado, location.

You can use our Cocoa Espresso Rub as a rub for steak or chicken to add a unique rich coffee and chile flavor with a subtle smokiness.

This month, we featured the Cocoa Espresso Rub paired with steak. Check out the recipe below! 👇


Essential Oil Blend of the Month:

The Free Spirit Blend

This essential oil combination honors the light hearted, earthy soul of a free spirit! Warm yet invigorating aromas of woody earth, sweet menthol and herbaceous florals combine together and inspire you to channel that inner-person who wears wildflowers in their braids and walks barefoot outside. This blend channels inner peace and balance, while promoting clear breathing and boosting cognitive function. We like to use 4 drops of PATCHOULI, 3 drops of LAVENDER, and 1 drop of PEPPERMINT.

These three oils can be used together or separately, but for the month of February, when you buy all three together you get 10% off!

Click the link below for some DIY tricks you can do with this blend to up your relaxation game!

I hope the start of your 2022 was fresh and successful! Thank you for joining us in the Matcha Challenge - we hope you got to experience some of the great benefits of Matcha.

This month, we are celebrating our Ruidoso location's SEVENTH Anniversary! We are so very excited, and we hope you get a chance to come visit Ruidoso to celebrate with us.

I hope you all have a great February!

🌱 Maggie & the OBTC TEA(m)

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