A Tea Party With The Kids

Show the littles some love with a special tea party date!

This month we are celebrating all things LOVE and taking the time to nourish relationships that are special to us. With Valentine's Day right around the corner, we are thinking of cute ways to celebrate with the little ones in our lives. Naturally, a tea party felt like the perfect fit!

Here are some naturally caffeine-free blends the kiddos in our tea company love!



Blueberry is bursting with bright berry flavor and makes a healthy alternative to juice! We especially love this blend served iced with a dollop of honey.

Mountain Sunrise

Mountain Sunrise is delicate with nuances of tropical fruit flavor and comforting green rooibos. This blend is delicious served hot or iced with a spoonful of honey.

Lavender Crème Brûlée

Lavender Creme Brûlée is a creamy and decadent blend with calming lavender! This blend is best served hot with a dash of cream and a dollop of honey.

Apple Empanada

Sweet with apple, cinnamon and a pastry flavor, we love this blend served hot with a dollop of honey, a dash of cream and a sprinkle of Vietnamese Cinnamon on top.

American Wildflower

This blend is comforting, minty and sweet with vanilla rooibos, and is perfect to soothe and calm before bed. We love this blend served hot with a touch of honey.


This tangy blend is super juicy with fruit flavor. We love this blend served iced with honey. Try blending with Chamomile for added health benefits!


Tea parties with kids are fun because they give you an excuse to dress up in your own home, set a lovely table, and make delicious snacks to enjoy together! Take the opportunity to teach your little ones about savoring and appreciating unique flavors, learning about nutrition, and practicing being present. Tea parties are all about cherishing the moment, connecting, and indulging mindfully. Here are some ideas for your tea party.


  1. Pick a theme and encourage your littles to choose their own special outfit for the occasion.
  2. Ask your littles to research and share about the health benefits of one tea ingredient you'll enjoy at your tea party.
  3. Plan simple recipes for your littles to follow so they can help you prepare the snacks and practice following written instructions.
  4. Let your littles set the scene: pick songs for the tea party playlist, decorate the table, and arrange flowers in a vase for the centerpiece.
  5. Conclude the tea party with a tea leaf reading. This is a whimsical one so you can get really creative, really silly, and take turns reading each other's cups!

Some of you littles might be too little for any of these activities, but they still might love a sweet little cup of herbal tea!

As a family business, the kids in our tea company are often around the tea shop and helping out at festivals, so they learn a lot about wellness and tend to love tea! We always celebrate kids who embrace wellness from an early age, because our hope is that wellness is a habit we can raise our kids with!




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