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This is Bailey here from OBTC. On January 1st we are starting the Matcha Challenge - 1 cup of match each day for the entire month of January. 

A year ago, I reached out to my mom, who is a 3 time cancer survivor, and told her that if she would drink Matcha daily for a whole month, I would too. I told her about Matcha's cancer fighting abilities which is, obviously, the main reason I wanted her to try it out... but she didn't like Matcha! So I told her more about how it positively effects our mood, ability to focus, and long term neurological health. I told her about how it promotes healthy digestion and metabolism, and I told her how it protects our body from the damaging effects of aging. She was on board. Then we looped the whole family in and convinced them to join us in the challenge... then the whole company, and then we decided to invite our customers to join us in the challenge as well! 

By the end of the challenge our team reported feeling less stressed, more energized and focused, with healthier digestion, and, some, experienced weight loss. Along the way we came up with a lot of great recipes... but we also learned a few Matcha lessons. Here is they are...

1. Have you ever drank so much tea you felt nauseous?

Matcha is super nutrient dense and tannic - it is best consumed in smaller doses after a meal to avoid nausea. Luckily, our Matcha is very high quality, so it is less likely to make you feel nauseous, but you should still consume cautiously. Sip slowly and listen to your body. If you start to feel uncomfortable, take a break from your matcha and come back to it later.

2. Don't over steep your Matcha.

We recommend using water no hotter than 175℉ (hot but not boiling). Over steeped matcha can taste bitter and astringent.

3. Experiment with different recipes.

During the month of January we will be sharing matcha recipes and brew tips, but don't be afraid to experiment! 

Most days of the challenge I will enjoy a cup of matcha with honey, cream, and a dash of cinnamon - it is a decadent treat. If I'm in the mood for something more refreshing, I will prepare my Matcha with fresh grated ginger and lemon. There is no right way to drink matcha, so have fun during the challenge by experimenting with flavors you like. 

We would love if you shared feedback and recipes with us throughout the challenge so don't hesitate to reach out. Keep up with us on social media for more tips, inspirations, and recipes! 

Wishing you all a happy and healthy 2021!

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  • Nancy Guerra

    We visited the Old barrel tea in Ruidoso n bought several teas n Matcha but I don’t know how to make it. Please help with a recipe.

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