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Spring is officially here! That means we whipped up new tea blends and curated a tea-box that captures the spirit of the season with ingredients that energize, refresh, and boost our spirits! These shareable blends are perfect for sunny afternoon walks, brunch dates, or sipping while barefoot in the garden and will inspire you to dive energetically into the Spring season!

You may have miss out on the Spring Tea Club shipment but you can still order the blends we shared online or get them from your local OBTC!

Here are the blends we included in the Spring Tea Club box.



The blends and the inspo behind the Spring shipment.

Belizean Sorrel Guayusa + Coconut Black

🌴 A Match Made In A Beach Paradise 🌴

This blend is all things tropical, and in the season known for hosting beach vacations, we couldn't resist including this bold combination, which reminds us of a beachy cocktail! There's no denying it, we could all use a beach vacation! Pretend you are in paradise with these tangy and vibrant fruit flavors that are balanced perfectly with coconut.

Tasting Notes:

vibrant tang ∙ toasted coconut ∙ decadent

Irish Apple Pu Erh Tea

Refreshing & Energizing


Get in shape for the Summer with our lucky Irish Apple Pu Erh: the blend that is light and refreshing with crisp apple notes and earthy undertones. The ingredients in Irish Pu Erh support digestion, metabolism, muscle recovery and overall wellness. We like to think of this blend as a gym companion but it is also just a great daily drinker!

Tasting Notes:
crisp apple ∙ earthy ∙ subtle grassiness ∙ citrus undertones

Bee Pollen + Lavender Sage Lemonade

Celebrating Pollinators


The birds, butterflies, bees and all other pollinators are working hard this time of year, as they are making sure plants get pollinated so a healthy ecosystem can exist. 🌸 This tea blend is rich with warm vanilla and bee pollen flavors that are balanced with zesty citrus notes and a bold herbaceous flavor. This blend reminds us of rejuvenating that Spring herb garden that blooms new and fresh life each season.

Tasting Notes:

lemon shortbread cookie ∙ herbaceous ∙ decadent

Horchata Tea

A Little Something Sweet

This blend is our healthy interpretation of the classic Mexican rice-milk beverage, Horchata. It is a wholesome way to appease a sweet tooth, as it is creamy, dessert-like and has a cinnamon kick! As Cinco de Mayo is approaching, we celebrate Mexican heritage, as our little tea company was founded in our beloved New Mexico; where the culture is rich and the tea is good!

Tasting Notes:

creamy ∙ dessert-like ∙ subtle cinnamon kick

Ginger Orchard + Mountain Sunrise

Welcoming The Warm Sunshine

This blend is full of bright and cheery orchard fruits! Its sunshiny colors and flavors inspire warm and fuzzy feelings that just make you want to soak up some rays. This blend is inspired by the growth of new life as we move forward into the warmer months ahead. 🌞

Tasting Notes:
zingy ginger ∙ bright fruit∙ floral undertones

Osmanthus Oolong

Blossoming Florals

This blend is light and floral and radiates a fresh and earthy aroma- an aroma that reminds us of the flowering blossoms and new plant life stretching its way through the soil. Osmanthus Oolong is energizing for the body and mind, is rich in antioxidants, and promotes healthy digestion.  If you are a fan of Jasmine tea, you will love this beautifully floral oolong!

Tasting Notes:

floral ∙ delicate ∙ green

So how does Tea Club work?

6 of our favorite blends for the season sent straight to your door every Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.


Your card will be auto-billed prior to the shipment date. Easily manage your subscription on the website to your appeal to your budget and needs. Simple, affordable and TASTY!



*To get your in-store discount, present the coin token that acts as a "member ID" at checkout. Your coin token is included in your tea subscription box!*

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