autumn hibiscus cider 

sweetened with sunflower honey

This non-alcoholic hot cider is tart, refreshing, and nourishing. It is excellent to make at family gatherings - especially Thanksgiving! Our Apple Empanada tea captures the flavors of fall. Hibiscus tea adds a vibrant red hue and a little zing! To top it all off, it's sweetened with our Sunflower Honey, which is mellow and toasty, perfectly complimenting this fall elixir! ⬇

Here's what you need from us to get started

Apple Empanada


Sunflower Honey


(makes 6 servings)


  1. In a large pitcher, add Hibiscus, Apple Empanada, and Ginger tea (if desired) to your infuser.
  2. Pour 6 cups of boiling water over and steep for 10 minutes.
  3. Remove infuser, add Sunflower Honey and apple cider vinegar, then stir.
  4. Serve into mugs immediately and garnish will cinnamon sticks!

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