The month of November seems to fly by for me! Fall is in full swing - the days are getting shorter, leaves are in the process of changing colors and piling up on the ground, and the holidays are right around the corner! We have lots of festive teas and recipes to keep up with the changing seasons! Read more below! 👇
Tea of the Month: Pecan Pie Pu Erh & Horchata Rooibos
Pecan Pie Pu Erh and Horchata Rooibos is a blend full of fall flavors, featuring the nuttiness of the pecans and cinnamon spice! It is moderately caffeinated, promotes weight-loss, promotes strong bones, great for skin and hair health, and is antioxidant rich! We love this blend hot, with a dash of honey and cream!

Our Pecan Pie Pu Erh is blended with Pu Erh & Black tea leaves blended with Las Cruces grown pecans, safflower, natural pecan flavor & natural maple flavor. Horchata Rooibos is blended with Vanilla rooibos and cinnamon. 
Spice of the Month: Vietnamese Cinnamon & Mexican Vanilla Extract
Vietnamese Cinnamon has a higher oil content than regular cinnamon, so the flavor is more rich! We love to use it in baking, oatmeal, tea, and smoothies.

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, we tried the Vietnamese Cinnamon and our favorite Mexican Vanilla Extract in a gluten-free pumpkin pie! Check out the recipe below! 👇
Essential Oil of the Month: Frankincense
Frankincense Essential Oil has an earthy, slightly fruity and sweet, warm, and spicy attitude to its aroma. It helps maintain healthy cellular function, soothes skin while reducing the appearance of imperfections, and promotes peaceful, relaxing, and satisfied feelings of overall wellness.

Check out our Autumn Breeze Diffuser Blend below! 👇
Autumn Breeze Diffuser Blend

I hope your November is productive, full of delicious hot teas to warm you from the inside out, and full of many things to be thankful for!

"November: The last month of autumn, but the beginning of a new adventure; time to take risks and do the unexpected."

🌱 Maggie & the OBTC Family

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