try the fall florals essential oil blend with these brain boosting poses

The Fall Florals Blend

sweet musk  ∙ herbaceous florals  ∙ late harvest citrus

Breathe in fall floral blooms of soft lavender with notes of sweet musky earth and energizing late harvest citrus. This blend is intended to bring out a playful and open-hearted sense that inspires you to welcome the upcoming season of life with gratitude.

1 part Patchouli, 1 part Lavender, & 2 parts Pink Grapefruit

Pair the Fall Florals Essential Oil Blend with these yoga poses during the work day to boost cognitive function and creativity.


1. Connect with the sun.

Add a little sunshine to the day by standing or taking a walk outside. Getting a dose of Vitamin D improves brain function, can help spur nerve cell growth to help our brain store, and organize memories. Harness this energy, as the sun is a symbol of our eternal, expansive, and unlimited being.

2. Start each day with a smile.

3. Breath work to boost oxygen & creativity.

Practice this breathing sequence to boost oxygen and creativity. Rub the Fall Florals Essential Oil Blend between palms and follow this breathing sequence:

Inhale to the count of two

Exhale to the count of two

Inhale to the count of two

Exhale to the count of three

Inhale to the count of two

Exhale to the count of four

Inhale to the count of two

Exhale to the count of five 

Repeat throughout the day as needed.

4. Cat/Cow Pose 

Inhale and arch your back, eye gaze lifts. Exhale through your spine, pulling your abdominals in and rounding your back. Gently flow through this movement for 5 to 10 breaths. This movement warms the body, opens the chest, and brings flexibility to the spine. Be aware of your breath and its coordination with your movement; imagine your breath traveling up and down your spine as you inhale and exhale.

5. Assisted Neck Stretch

Our necks and shoulders carry a large amount of stress and tension. To help alleviate, take one arm and drape it over your head until your fingers reach your ear. Let your head fall towards shoulder. Hold for 7-10 breaths, repeat on opposite side.

6. Chair Spinal Twist

Sitting tall, breathe in and out. Twist your torso to the left, hands placed on the back of the chair, for a spinal twist. Lengthen your spine with each inhale, and twist deeper with each exhale. Repeat on opposite side. With each release, fresh blood flows in bringing fresh oxygen into the body. 

7. Standing or sitting side bends

For a deep shoulder stretch and to awaken the torso, lift your arms and interlace your fingers together. Turn your palms to the ceiling as you lengthen your arms above your head. Lean to each side for 7-10 breaths. This lengthens the muscles, and improves posture. 

8. Ankle to knee

To loosen up the hips, bring an ankle to knee, opposite foot firmly placed into the earth. Inhale and lengthen your spine, exhale fold over the legs. If you are at a desk, extend the hands forward lengthen the spine. Hold for 7-10 breaths, repeat on the opposite side.  

Namaste friends.

We hope you have a lovely day! 

Follow @ashzuri to keep up with our favorite yogi. Ashley is a Ruidoso based instructor who loves teaching, traveling, and tea!

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