At OBTC we encourage the love of tea and all things wellness from a young age so that our little ones can build the foundation of a healthy lifestyle early on. However, wellness with kids can be tricky! While we want the kids in our lives to have a passion for health, they generally have other motivations. I reached out to seven-year-old Penelope, our herbalist's daughter, to find out what wellness boosters she loves and why.  This is what she said…

Loose Leaf Tea

First of all, Penelope wanted to make it clear that she likes sweet tea best.  Her favorites are Horchata Rooibos, Peppermint with Lemongrass, and Berry with South Indian Black tea.  

Horchata is a naturally caffeine free blend of rooibos, cinnamon, and natural vanilla flavors.  It is packed with antioxidants and appeals to a sweet tooth with its mild and nutty flavor. It makes a great alternative to dessert after dinner as it is believed to promote restful sleep.

Penelope likes this blend served hot with honey and cream.

Peppermint with Lemongrass is one of our family's favorite cure alls.  It is antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and soothing to many common ailments including upset stomach, sore throat, sinus issues, and headaches.  

Penelope wanted to point out that "all kids like peppermint". She also said that she was once sick with the flu and her whole body hurt but drinking Peppermint and Lemongrass made her feel better.

Berry with South Indian Black Tea is fruit-forward and tart with hibiscus, rosehips, blueberries, and strawberries. This blend is packed with Vitamin C and is a great immunity booster.

Penelope loves to drink this one served iced- the way her dad makes it! She enjoys drinking it while doing homework or reading because black tea boosts mental focus while calming the mind. Unlike energy drinks or coffee, the stimulation black tea provides is counteracted by its soothing effects.

When I asked Penelope why kids might want to drink tea she said…

"Because it makes their bellies feel good and helps with sickness."

Helpful Tip: a hot cup of Pu Erh tea is a great remedy for constipation and upset stomach. Because Pu Erh tea undergoes a natural fermentation process, it has bacteria that combats bloating and promotes digestion.


While I would argue the safest bet with kids would be Mesquite or Wildflower honey, Penelope surprised me by saying her favorite is Avocado Honey. I was surprised because Avocado Honey is dark like molasses and is bold with a distinct vegetal taste.

Penelope's mom uses Avocado Honey as a substitute for sugar in baking and Penelope loves to have a spoonful while helping her! She said she likes the consistency of Avocado Honey because it is smooth but has crystalized sugar throughout.  She also likes the rich flavor and the uniqueness of it. She said,  

"I like Avocado Honey because it tastes different.  Nothing else tastes like it… not even avocados!"

Essential Oils

Penelope's favorites are Sweet Orange, Tea Tree, and Peppermint (because all kids like peppermint, remember?).  

The aroma of Sweet Orange is lovely, bright, and of course, sweet! It is a natural mood booster and combats nervousness, which makes it one of our favorites to start the day with.

Tea Tree has an invigorating and earthy aroma.  It is a popular ingredient in home made cleaning products as it is antibacterial, antifungal, antimicrobial, antiseptic, and antiviral. It is also a natural insect repellent!

Peppermint is a stimulating oil and is believed to improve focus and memory- some teachers even encourage their students to chew peppermint gum during tests to help boost their performance!

Penelope likes to use essential oils by wearing them on her essential oil bracelet! She especially loves to use Tea Tree oil in the afternoon when she is playing outside (to keep the mosquitos away)! She said….

"A lot of people don't know about the essential oil bracelets but they should. I love mine."

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  • Stacey Lokovic (as the tea brews)

    I absolutely loved this post!! My daughter seems very similar to her. I bet those bracelets would really help the kids going to school with masks on and with the pandemic to help calm them. (Or even the ones forced to stay home!) I wonder if they could smell the orange through their masks?

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