Goodnight World!

Lemongrass & Chamomile

This soothing combination is so simple, yet satisfying! Lemongrass adds a vibrant freshness, while chamomile rounds out the flavor with a comforting floral and honey-like flavor.

This blend is AMAZING for combating inflammation and preparing the body for a restorative night's sleep!

Sleep is the foundation of health! You deserve to feel wonderfully alert tomorrow. Make yourself some herbal tea and follow these healthy sleep habits…

1. Get your bedroom temp right - between 60℉ and 67℉.

2. Start hydrating early in the afternoon so you can go to bed feeling hydrated, and don't forget to use the bathroom before bed.  Bathroom breaks are one of the primary reasons sleep decline is observed in elderly populations. Hydration and sleep are a tricky balance - but both are super important!

3. Trade artificial light for sunlight - the more active outdoors you are during the day, the better you will sleep at night.

4. Avoid activating your metabolism before bed. Eat and drink calorically dense foods and beverages at least 3 hours before bed so your body has time to digest - the metabolic process is disruptive to REM sleep.

5. Meditate, pray, and be mindful of what you expose yourself to before bed. What you see/hear/think before bed will influence your dreams! 

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