Summer is the season for playing outdoors! Whether you're a casual afternoon walker or a fierce white water rafter, this is the season to get exercise while having fun and soaking up the sun's healing nutrients! Check out these summer season companions ⬇︎
Add a few drops of Lemon and Lavender essential oil to repel bugs on your next outdoor adventure. This combination makes a lovely natural perfume that will help to boost your mood and energy levels, while calming the mind. 

If you don't already have one of these, you need one! Most of us at OBTC have 2 or 3! 😂  This iced tea pitcher is so easy to use and clean, and it brews 2 quarts at a time. We love this because if the tea is already made, we will drink it (and drinking more tea/tisanes is always the goal for the OBTC fam)!

This pitcher is leak proof, so you can throw it sideways in the car or in your backpack when you're on the go - which makes staying hydrated much easier!


Choose an herbal blend, like Blueberry & Lemongrass, to quench your thirst.

This fruit-forward blend is rich in antioxidants, will help to boost immunity, and combats inflammation. It has the unique capacity to increase energy levels while calming the mind. It is naturally caffeine free which makes it a wonderful hydrating companion for all your outdoor adventures in the sun! If you prefer a more herbaceous combo, Blueberry with Lavender Sage Lemonade is delicious too!

**Kids tend to love this combo too!**


Take your tea when you go.

Slim enough to fit in a bicycle cup holder, this bottle is a handy friend to accompany you on hikes, bike rides, kayak adventures, or even just your afternoon stroll. It will keep your tea cold all day so that when you go to take a sip you feel refreshed! 

Hand wash this pretty little babe - she doesn't like to be dish washed.


We hope Saturday brings you a good belly laugh and that you dive into the evening wanting to dance (even if it's in the living room, in your underwear).

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