A Lovely Tea Party
💖 with the kiddos 💖
Show the littles some love with a special tea party date!

This month we are celebrating all things LOVE! Loving yourself, loving others and loving a healthy lifestyle. 

Check out this guide we crafted to help you host a tea party for the kiddos in your life - where they can learn basic life skills, and spend quality time with you during this month of love.


Love Exists In All Forms

Tea parties are a perfect way to help kids learn the etiquette of a tea party (or just table manners), taking turns, learning to be mindful, and gain a little knowledge about tea along the way! We couldn't think of a better way to celebrate love in all forms this month than to spend quality time with the littles, while fueling their growing minds!

Step 1: choose the tea

Select a variety of caffeine-free and kid-approved teas.


Blueberry is bursting with bright berry flavor and makes a healthy alternative to juice! We especially love this blend served iced with a dollop of honey.

Mountain Sunrise


Mountain Sunrise is delicate with nuances of tropical fruit flavor and comforting green rooibos. This blend is delicious served hot or iced with a spoonful of honey.

Lavender Creme Brûlée

Lavender Creme Brûlée is a creamy and decadent blend with calming lavender! This blend is best served hot with a dash of creme and a dollop of honey.

These blends are easy to love - even the pickiest kids will crave these naturally sweet tisanes! You can enjoy them separately or try mixing Blueberry & Mountain Sunrise to create a super fruity and comforting treat! This blend combination is full of apple, blueberry and mango flavors that are naturally sweet and refreshing! 

Step 2: plan it together.

Tea time is the perfect opportunity teach basic life skills.

During tea time, kids can learn how to behave more thoughtfully around the table, sit (relatively) still, and practice engaging in conversation. Making time for authentic human interaction and putting away electronic devices is so important for healthy brain development!

Get your kids excited about tea time - get dressed up, let them pick the tea time playlist, and allow them to help prep the snacks and tea! They will have the opportunity to try new flavors, practice their social skills, and work on being present in this easily distracted world.

Remember, tea is for everyone. Not just adults and not just girls!

Step 3: get the brew basics

Get set up with the right tools and practice tea brewing basics with your littles. 

Our must-have tea infuserspacious teapot and measuring tea spoon are the essential tools you need to teach kids the basics about tea!

Step 4: share and learn.

Kids can learn a lot through a simple tea party!

Here are just a few of things they can learn:

Kids can learn how to prepare loose leaf tea in a teapot or by the cup - a skill they will cherish into their adulthood.

By using loose leaf tea, kids will get to see how tea can vary in shape, size, and color. There are so many different ingredients that make up what we refer to as '"tea". Your kiddo may even start to notice that the there is chamomile growing wild on the school playground or that mint can be harvested from the yard for a home brewed cup!

Tea also has a long and dynamic history. Learning about various types of tea, and the regions in which it grows, is a great way to become more familiar with the different regions and cultures of the world.

Sending love to you and yours this February!

Happy tea time friends! 🤍

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