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LIVING SUSTAINABLY  small habits to start to do your part 🌲🌎♻️ Reduce waste. 1. If You Can, Buy In Bulk Less packaging generates less waste, plain and simple! Buying in bulk can reduce the energy footprint required for packaging because it reduces the amount of materials needed in the first place, and eliminates the production process used to create excess materials. Pro Tip: Store your bulk items in thrifted containers or repurpose previously used containers. It's cute and affordable! ⬇︎⬇︎⬇︎ Did you notice we added a bagged quart option to all blends so you can skip the jar and refill one you have at home?     2. Use the food you have. Another great way to reduce our impact...

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🐝 Pollinators on Duty 🐝 The bees are starting to pollinate. Here's what happens: The Earth is thawing, the weather is warming and Spring buds are popping up from the ground, ready to be pollinated! Spring is a vital time for all pollinators, but we are partial to bees, as it marks the beginning of the growth of a new healthy colony that will soon produce honey. The bees are our besties, so we want to shine the spotlight on them and tell you about why we love them so much, and how the hive works. Did you know that an average beehive can hold around 50,000 bees and that bees have inhabited Earth for about 100 million years? So really,...

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