Things to Think About

This month we are focusing on living with intention and being present. We are practicing soaking up the little moments that make our lives meaningful and prioritizing the things that bring us purpose and happiness. Set 10 minutes aside to sit down and journal it out.

Give these "living intentionally" prompts a try.

1. Stop waiting for the future to happen.

Sometimes we can get lost in our daily routines and start to count on the future, waiting for things to happen. We can obsess over what next month or even next year might hold while forgetting that the present is right in front of us. Write down what you are hoping for the future. Then think about what you can do today to make one of those things happen. Your reality is made up of all tiny decisions you make each day.

2. Know what you want.

Challenge yourself to make a list of the things you want. They can be tangible goals or emotional ones. Setting intentions is a great way to remember what your priorities are and can help you be more present in those areas. Follow the prompts and fill in the blanks:

I want to learn:

I want to try:

I want to have:

I want to start:

I want to continue:

I want to be:

3. Think of something that you need less of.

Think of the things you need less of in your life or what you need to release — be specific! This can shed light on what you need to let go of and what you are holding on to that does not serve you. Then think about what you would gain by letting go. Will you gain more time? Will you feel better/healthier? When you identify what is holding you back, it is easier to focus on the things that serve your purpose.

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Dulce Sueños

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