Floral. Clean. Intoxicating.

Lavender adds a brilliant flavor to desserts and teas and provides wonderful health benefits! Lavender is antioxidant rich, combats infection, and promotes feelings of well-being.

Check out this tea party appropriate recipe using lavender flowers:

Lavender Tea Loaf

But does it really work?

Lavender is famously used for alleviating anxiety, but does it really work? Check out these findings from recent studies on Lavender Essential Oil:

Studies are showing that continuous exposure to Lavender Essential Oil reduces anxiety-like and depression-like behaviors, decreases aggressive behaviors, and increases social interaction.

 Do you think the world could use a big Lavender Essential Oil bath? We do! Check out our recipe for homemade lavender perfume so you can carry the calm wherever you go! ⬇︎

Lavender Perfume

Lavandula officinalis

30 drops Lavender Essential Oil

 1/2 cup of vodka

**For added sweetness, add a dash of Vanilla Extract (extracted in alcohol).**

Combine in a glass spray bottle and store in a cabinet out of direct sunlight.

We hope your day is full of kindness and mellow energy!

Check out these teas for lavender lovers ⬇︎

Lavender Creme Brulee 

Lavender Sage Lemonade

Lavenderberry White

Lavenderose Chamomint

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