Bust that brain fog.  🧠💭

Here are 3 things you can do to feel fresh, clear, and focused!

When you’re feeling foggy, forgetful, unfocused, disorganized, and like you just can’t think, your brain is sending an important signal that there’s an imbalance in your life that needs to be addressed. You got the fog! And you may have it for multiple reasons. Poor sleep, a sugary diet, stress, and even COVID can result in long lasting brain fog that you just can't shake.


1. Put the screen away. For reals.


Did you know that the average American adult spends up to 11 hours each day looking at a screen of some kind? Staring at a screen all day can actually rewire your brain and change its structure. Critical cognitive functions such as planning, prioritizing, organizing, and impulse control can all be restructured due to looking at a device all day. Avoiding screens may be difficult for many people because our jobs are centered around working with technology, but there are some simple things you can do. Avoid all screens at least an hour before bed, take 15 minute breaks away from the screens every hour or so throughout your day, and take the weekends "off" from social media. Try it starting today and if you immediately feel better, you have a clear indication of how screens are affecting you.

2. Increase fats in your diet. Your brain will thank you.


 Your brain is comprised of 60% fat, which is why low-fat diets can actually harm your brain. Without enough fat, the brain will literally consume itself. Fat helps the brain produce the raw materials it needs to create essential brain chemicals. Try eating a diet of roughly 50% healthy fat from nuts, avocados, coconut oil, olive oil, salmon, eggs, and grass-fed meat. As a rule of thumb, make sure there is at least one healthy fat in every meal you eat. 

3. Prioritize hydration.


Dehydration can be a huge contributing factor to brain fog. That’s because your brain is made up of primarily fat and water, so when your hydration levels begin to drop, so will your concentration levels! In fact, just a 2% dip in brain hydration can cause short-term memory loss and difficulty concentrating. Aim to drink regular sips of water throughout the day, or around 6-8 glasses of water to keep yourself adequately hydrated. And yes, drinking tea counts! Also, if you don't already have an emotional support water bottle, get one.

Check out these teas to drink when you're needing a pick-me-up.

Honeysuckle Blossom Oolong

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