Check out our December yoga flow with our favorite yogi, Ashley.

2 parts Cedarwood, 1 part Peppermint, 3 parts Pine Needle

Oh, Christmas Tree Essential Oil Blend

fallen snow ∙ freshly cut evergreen ∙ cold menthol

This essential oil blend captures one of our favorite aromas of the season, the Christmas tree. The three oils work together to purify your space and promote easy breathing during cold and flu season.

This month we will pair our Oh, Christmas Tree Essential Oil Blend with restorative poses that encourage us to slow down and be present in this busy season of life.

Follow along in the video below.


Namaste friends.

We hope you have a lovely day!

This flow and descriptions were generously provided by our favorite yogi, Ashley.

Ashley is a New Mexico based instructor who loves teaching, traveling and tea!

Keep up with Ashley on Instagram:


Prioritize your me-time with a cup of tea:


Lavenderose Chamomint

Jasmine White Monkey Green

Hormonal Balance

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