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🌹 Rose Geranium Mist 🌹 vanquish stress, anxiety, and tension while nourishing and balancing complexion Rose Geranium Distilled Mist This distilled mist is made with fresh plant matter in a copper still. Each batch is a manual labor of love. After the distillate is rendered, the plant matter remaining is put into a kiln and turned into ash. This ash, we add to the distillate and filter for use. Shake well before use. Made in New Mexico. Ingredients: Organic rose geranium distillate and essential oils. Did You Know? Rose can enhance your mood! Rose contains strong antidepressant and anti-anxiety properties, as it relaxes the central nervous system. How To Use Your Mist The Rose Geranium Distilled Mist is meant to be used as a...

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Composting Loose Leaf Tea adds nitrogen, moisture, and carbon to your heap In honor of celebrating the Earth and all she gives us.... this month we'd like to give a shout out to one of the most environmentally friendly things to do with your used tea leaves - compost them! Tea leaves are a great source of organic material to add to your compost pile, as tea leaves are rich in nitrogen, carbon, and oxygen! Decomposing tea leaves aids in moisture retention, weed suppression, and of course, nourishes plants. Not to mention - tea leaves are superfood for worms. And it's bulking season for them! When We Love The Earth, It Loves Us Back. Composting can remove 20-50% from your household...

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Summerville Sweet Tea Mint Julep 🌿 an old classic with a twist 🌿 The Mint Julep is the official drink of the Kentucky Derby that is that is right on schedule to happen later this month! Even if horse racing isn't your thing, that doesn't mean you can't throw on your floppy hat and partake in enjoying one of the oldest cocktail recipes to date! One of the first references to the mint julep goes as far back as 1784, and it is believed that the word julep is derived from the Persian gulab, as well as the Arab word julab, both of which translate to “rosewater.” This association is highlighted by the modern drink’s sweet nature. The crisp, cool and sweet flavors of the Summerville Sweet...

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Banana Bread Coffee Tea 🍌 ☕️️ decadent ∙ banana ∙ coffee cake ∙ subtle cinnamon IN A NUTSHELL: We are showing our Banana Bread Coffee Pu Erh tea some love, as it reminds us of our favorite breakfast! We all love to indulge in a little banana bread for breakfast every now and then, because, and there is no denying it, dessert for breakfast is heavenly. We made a tea-coffee blend that tastes exactly like gooey banana bread dipped in creamy coffee, AND guess what - it is good for you! Banana Bread Coffee Pu Erh a creative spin on your most loved breakfast, and gets your day started right because it boosts metabolism, digestion and energy levels! INGREDIENTS: pu erh tea,...

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Staycation /ˌstāˈkāSHn/ a vacation spent near one's home and involving day trips to local attractions With travel looking a little different this year, we are sharing ideas for a staycation! A staycation is a great way to put your mind on vacation mode, to support the local economy, and to get the energy you need to come back to real life with a positive and easy-going attitude. Some of the benefits of going on a staycation are that it's very affordable, it's good for the environment, AND it can introduce you to sites and activities that are near your home and easy to visit. 🌞 It is so important to make time to unwind, explore, be curious, and relax! Word has...

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