try the Oh Christmas Tree Essential Oil Blend with these mindful poses to reflect on the year and open your heart to the next chapter

3 parts pine needle, 2 parts rosemary, 1 part bergamot

Oh Christmas Tree Essential Oil Blend

freshly cut wood ∙ snow covered earth ∙ evergreen forest

A scent that reminds us of family, peace, and the season of giving. The Christmas tree ~ Once the perfect tree has been harvested, it takes a trip home and becomes the centerpiece of your space during the holiday season. The scent of the tree fills your home with aromas of pine and earth, bringing peace and joy. Illuminated with twinkling lights and adorned with garland and candy canes, the Christmas tree is where we go to gather and where we go to celebrate this life and each other.

The three oils work together to purify your space and promote easy breathing during cold and flu season. They make a great combination to diffuse during the holidays as friends and family fill the home.

Spread the holiday cheer this season by taking some time to be mindful and reflect on the moments that brought you joy in the last year and on the times that you were most connected to your inner self. Ease the holiday-related stress by balancing the mind and body! Grab a partner and use this yoga and "Oh Christmas Tree" essential oil trio to create shared movement, laughter, and to try something new!


1. Seated Meditation

Find a comfortable seated position and sit back-to-back with your partner. Bring your awareness to your heart and close your eyes. Welcome in the feeling of gratitude as you connect to your body and with your partner’s rhythmic breath. Breathe slowly and deeply to settle the movement within the mind and calm the nervous system. Cultivate an attitude of gratitude for all the positive experiences from the past year and for the opportunities to grow and evolve.

2. Cat/Cow Pose

From tabletop, on the inhale, lift your sit bones and chest toward the ceiling, allowing your spine to drop toward the earth and into your belly. As you exhale, round your spine toward the sky, keeping your shoulders and knees in position. Synchronize your breath with each movement. Feel energized as you warm up the spine, stretch the back of the torso, and allow positive energy to flow through you with each breath. This can be a playful movement to lighten your mood and mindset.

3. Partner Seated Twist

Over-indulging this holiday season can lead us to an increase of toxins and a feeling of imbalance. Start in a seated position, facing your partner with your knees touching. Extend your right hand towards their right waist. Bring your left hand behind your back towards your right waist. Take hold of your partner’s right hand with your left hand. Inhale, lengthen, and exhale, twist. As you twist, allow the compression on your digestive organs to detoxify and cleanse, while stimulating the increase of flow throughout the body. Try this pose after food, wine, and sharing cookies with friends and family.

4. Forward Fold/Back Bend

From child’s pose, allow your partner to lower themselves down so that their back is in contact with yours. While laying on you, your partner extends their arms out wide. Feel the opening of the back and chest, and allow the breath to synchronize. The holidays can bring up stored emotions from the past, good and bad. Use this pose to allow them to arise, and without attachment, allow them to subside.

5. Back Bend

Stand facing each other, connect your fingers, forearms, or elbows, and slowly lean head back into the pose. Support your lower back by gently engaging the core and allow your shoulder blades to support the opening of your chest. Look up towards the ceiling and drop your head back if it is comfortable. This pose stimulates the heart allowing us to open, feel our emotions and embrace joy, love, and compassion.

6. Partner Forward Fold

Forward folds create space between each and every vertebra, soothing the nervous system and getting us out of the stressful flight or fight mode. From sitting, bring your feet wide apart and have the soles of your feet touching. Extend your hands and fold forward. Allow the release and surrender into this pose. After a few breaths, return to center and switch roles.

6. Twin Trees

Stand next to your partner, facing the same direction. Wrap your inside arm around each other’s waist and bring your outside foot to your ankle, calf, or thigh. As you lean on your partner, bring your hands together, and feel the flow of divine love exchange between you and your partner. Visualize your tree and feel deeply rooted into the earth. Focus on your breathing, each body part and this connection.

Namaste friends.

We hope you have a lovely day!

These poses and pose descriptions were generously provided by our favorite yogi, Ashley. Ashley is a Ruidoso, NM, based instructor who loves teaching, traveling, and tea!

Keep up with Ashley on Instagram:


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