creamed honey

🌼 fluffy ∙ spreadable ∙ natural 🌼

This wholesomely made creamed honey can be used as a spread, dessert topping, or as a sweet treat straight from the spoon!

Creamed Honey

Use this one on peanut butter sandwiches or spread it on a cracker with a piece of cheese!

Chocolate Creamed Honey

Use this one in oatmeal or yogurt!

Cinnamon Creamed Honey

Use this one as a spread or dip with apple slices!


Raw honey has been used as a folk remedy throughout history and has a variety of health benefits and medical uses. Here are just a few:

  • Raw honey is packed with antioxidants, which help protect your body from cell damage due to free radicals. Free radicals contribute to the aging process and may also contribute to the development of chronic diseases, such as cancer and heart disease.
  • Research has shown that raw honey can kill unwanted bacteria and fungus. It naturally contains hydrogen peroxide, an antiseptic.
  • Raw honey is a potent prebiotic, meaning it nourishes the good bacteria that live in the intestines, which are crucial not only for digestion but overall health.

try using our new creamed honey to sweeten these teas:

Pecan Pie Pu Erh

Pineapple Upside Down Coffee Cake

Bee Pollen Black

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