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Happy December tea lovers! The air is getting chilly, the last leaves on trees are making their great descent, and the holiday spirit looms in the air. It is a time to connect with loved ones, and a time to slow down and savor the moment. This month we are focusing on being mindful and present as family and friends come to visit, and copious amounts of tasty food hide around every corner!

Amidst the holiday madness, we hope you find a way to be present, to be kind, and to keep your center.

Get your cozies on, make a hot cup of your favorite tea, and check out our tips on how to be more mindful this December.



Sometimes the holidays can feel like a stressful whirlwind, and some of the joyful moments can go unnoticed or unappreciated. That's why it is so important to savor. Savoring means to deliberately prolong your positive moods, experiences, and emotions. When you savor moments, you'll find you are left feeling more satisfied, and will want for less. 


1. Be intentional about what you want to savor. Select a few specific moments or events over the next few weeks that you want to savor, and write them down so you don't forget! Maybe you want to savor watching the kids unwrap gifts, be fully present when the clock strikes midnight on New Year's Eve, or take more time to appreciate the efforts of your loved ones in preparing beautiful holiday dishes to share.

2. Speaking of food... there's no denying that it is easy to get ahead of yourself when your favorite meal of the year comes around. However, you'll feel more satisfied when you savor every bite of your food rather than chowing down! Avoid consuming mindlessly by chewing or drinking slowly, paying attention to how the food or drink makes you feel, and minimizing distractions. Enjoy your favorite holiday feast while it lasts and listen to your body.

3. Wear your joy on your sleeve. Elevate your positive experiences through your facial expressions and physical responses. Intentionally laugh, smile, hug, and participate fully. It will rub off on the people around you and they'll feel more joyful, making a happiness feedback loop.


Don't forget to share this holiday season. Focus on being more giving, more open, and on having a positive impact on the world around you. Apart from being good for your community, doing good will also make you feel happier. It's a win/win.


  1. Shop conscientiously: Think of your dollars as votes. Where you are spending is what you are supporting. Choose businesses and products this holiday season that align with your values.
  2. Make donations: A big part of being mindful is recognizing all the privileges we have. Donate coats, blankets, and canned food to local shelters or drop off locations to help those in need. Also, don't be afraid to reach out and ask what local nonprofits are in need of; you may find that your local animal shelter needs bleach for cleaning more than they need food for the animals.
  3. Share the love: Bake cookies or casseroles to bring to a nursing home, keep hand-warmers and blankets in your vehicle to hand out to the homeless, or offer to host someone in your community who could use a friend during the holidays. 

We hope you spend December soaking in all the goodness that surrounds you, and that you feel present and loved this month.

Happy tea time friends!

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