THIS TEA IS... 😻 💖

hormone balancing & mood boosting

If you wanna feel a fun kind of tension, drink this tea. 😉

The ingredients in this blend boost circulation and can have a mood-boosting, aphrodisiac effect. These ingredients can also soothe anxiety, depression, and even menstrual symptoms!

For years, this tea was called "D Tea F," a play on the famous Superbad acronym for "down to f***" from Jonah Hill. We changed the name to NaughTEA last year when we realized only a certain age group really got the joke. 😂

Here's the scoop behind this libido boosting tea:

This blend has earthy, floral and bold flavors, and is best served hot with honey. This blend is made up of damiana leaf, lemon balm, black tea, rose petals, hibiscus, and ashwagandha.

Apothecary blends to promote wellness:

Hormonal Balance

This blend is intended to ease menopausal symptoms, but is also great for easing other hormonal symptoms (including PMS). The ingredients in this blend help to boost libido and soothe anxiety. They also promote hair, skin, nail, and bone health!


This blend is a great herbal remedy to keep in the medicine cabinet for cold and flu season, but it is also soothing for anyone who uses their voice a lot! We especially recommend this healing blend for teachers, coaches, and musicians!

Dulce Sueños

Dulce Sueños promotes deep sleep and relaxation, but it is not just a bedtime tea! If you find yourself stressed out during your work day try a cup of this calming blend - it will soothe your central nervous system and help to ease anxiety!

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