Reducing, reusing and recycling one tea tin/jar at a time.

+ How to get the refill discount.

Isn't it the worst feeling when you run out of your favorite tea? 🥲 A lot of our tea drinkers reuse the tea tins/jars as spice holders and hair tie/ jewelry holders! Which is awesome, but we also have a tea refill program available to both online and in-store shoppers! Participating in our refill program is an easy way to reduce waste! It's as simple as this:

  • In Store: Bring your empty tea tin and/or jar into the store and pick out a tea for us to refill it with! You can choose a single tea of your choice and we will put a new label on your tin/jar with correct ingredients/ steeping instructions if you should get a different tea! BIG PERK - Take $1.00 off your refill every time you bring it in!
  • Online: When you are selecting your tea, you have the option to select the size "Bagged Quart." When you select this option, we will package your tea into a food grade paper bag instead of a jar. You take $1.00 off by selecting the option! ⬇

Have you tried these one of a kind tea blends yet?

Green Chile Biscochito

Bourbon Brew

Pineapple Upside Down Coffee Cake

Belizean Sorrel Guayusa

Strawberry Mojito

Bee Pollen Black

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