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EMPLOYEE APPRECIATION DAY 🌸 Our MVPs 🌸  Today we are celebrating Old Barrel Tea Company's team! If you've ever visited one of our stores and sampled one of our teas, you know that the OBTC experience relies heavily on our team members being educated and passionate about all things tea and wellness! It is our team members that make our shops feel like home and make the OBTC experience feel so inspiring and magical. We spend so much of our lives at work in today's society. We spend almost as much time working as we do with our families, and as we do sleeping.  Therefore, our jobs should be chosen as thoughtfully as our life companions and our mattress! At the...

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SHINING THE SPOTLIGHT 🌱 Jocelyn's favorites 🌱 This month we are shining the spotlight on Jocelyn, one of our team members who primarily works at our warehouse and is our "Jane of all trades." Jocelyn thrives as a creative content maker and is the genius behind the art and graphics you see on some of our products.  Read more on Jocelyn's favorite teas and honey, as well as her tips and tricks on how to make her perfect cup of tea. FAVORITE TEAS Jocelyn's favorite tea is actually three tisanes blended together. She loves it for its medicinal properties and how comforting it is. This trio delivers floral, fresh and warm zesty flavors and is completely caffeine free! The subtle apple and...

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