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Today we are celebrating Old Barrel Tea Company's team! If you've ever visited one of our stores and sampled one of our teas, you know that the OBTC experience relies heavily on our team members being educated and passionate about all things tea and wellness! It is our team members that make our shops feel like home and make the OBTC experience feel so inspiring and magical.

We spend so much of our lives at work in today's society. We spend almost as much time working as we do with our families, and as we do sleeping.  Therefore, our jobs should be chosen as thoughtfully as our life companions and our mattress! At the core of our company culture is the belief that work should be a pleasure and it is our goal as a company to provide jobs people are grateful to have. 

Our team is made up of intelligent, creative, and passionate individuals who manage each aspect of this company with love and care. Today we are shining the spotlight on a few team members who deserve a little extra love and praise.

Here are some of our MVPs and their favorite teas!


Angelique, The Quiet Captain

Determined Hard • Working  Focused

While Angelique may appear quiet on the outside, she has a fiery spirit and an insane work ethic. She is always up for a new challenge and absolutely loves to learn. She is not easily intimidated and always has her chin up and spirits high. Managing the warehouse in Albuquerque, NM, Angelique basically sails the entire OBTC ship. 

Favorite Tea:

White Peach blended with Tropical Black

Maggie, Ms. Independent

Loving  Loyal  Dedicated

Where would we actually be without Maggie? Saying she does it all is an understatement. Maggie has been with us for five years (nearly for our entire company existence) and has never been afraid of change or a new opportunity. She has a loving demeanor and knows how to keep us all in check in any given situation. When there’s an OBTC problem, Maggie is our solution in all of our locations.

Favorite Tea:

Coconut Crème Pu Erh

Dante, Mr. Sunshine

Bright • Intelligent •  Passionate

When we think of someone that is truly passionate about what they do, Dante is the first person to come to mind. Dante is a team member at our Albuquerque, NM location and is a tea connoisseur that is sure to have a thoughtful answer to all your tea questions! He creates a unique experience for every OBTC customer. Dante has a contagious energy, and will always brighten your day with his kindness and knowledge. 

Favorite Tea:

Bee Pollen blended with Horchata

Lauren, The Dali Llama

Joyful • Uplifting • Peaceful

Lauren is one of the most positive and uplifting women we know. She is extremely passionate about tea, wellness, and spreading joy and love. When you're having a bad day, her peaceful and loving demeanor is sure to turn it around. Energy is contagious and we're thankful to have hers in our in our lives. Oh and bonus - she has an amazing eye and makes the Golden, CO shop look super cute!

Favorite Tea:
Osmanthus Oolong

Thomas, The Plant Daddy

Empathetic • Hilarious • Kind


While Thomas is definitely our plant master, he is also so much more. He has such an authentic and calm personality and can truly make a connection with anyone. He is sure to make you laugh, because he is absolutely hilarious. He is very knowledgable about plants and tea and he loves sharing this passion with his team members at our Ruidoso, NM location. He is truly a wonderful human and someone we're lucky to have the pleasure of working and laughing with.

Favorite Tea:
American Wildflower

Hannah, The Flower Child

Personable • Cheery • Genuine

Hannah is very passionate about tea and loves to share her knowledge with all of our customers. She is always cheery and full of life and brings that positive energy to work with her. She makes genuine connections with guests and with her team members and is sure to leave an impression on anyone she touches at our Flagstaff, Az location. Hannah is very health oriented - mind, body, and soul - and has taught us all a lot about balance. Since she's also a yogi master.

Favorite Tea:
Prickly Pear

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