+ how to use the gourd & bombilla

Yerba Maté is a tea with a history of both energizing and unifying a community. Yerba Maté is loaded with antioxidants and has just as much caffeine as coffee. 🤯 Yari, the mythical goddess of maté, named the tea a symbol of friendship, and there's a good reason why! This tea has been ritually shared for centuries, primarily in Brazil and Paraguay among the Tupí and Guarani tribes.

Indigenous people chewed the evergreen leaves during marches. It gave them the strength, energy, and high spirits. ☀️

Yerba Maté is traditionally prepared in a gourd which is used as a cup. Bombillas are metal straws used to drink the maté out of your gourd. At the end of the straw there is a filter, so you can sip your tea as the tea leaves float freely in your cup without sucking up leaves!


The gourd requires a curing process, similar to cast iron. Curing occurs as you keep using your gourd and this prevents cracking, molding, and improves the flavor of your tea.

Bombilla Maté Straw

In metal bombillas, the lower end is perforated and acts as a metal filter, which is used to separate the maté infusion from leaves, stems and other maté debris. The filter on the straw can be removed and opened for cleaning.

Yerba Maté


Yerba Maté is fresh, clean, and grassy! It is dense in nutrients, high in caffeine, and is great for stimulating digestion and metabolism, while promoting overall wellness. 


Yerba Maté is lovely served hot, iced, unsweetened or with a spoonful of honey! Avoid steeping in overly hot water to prevent tea from tasting astringent.

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