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The cultivation of chile in New Mexico began around 1600, so it's no surprise that green chile is a huge part of New Mexican culture. One variety of chile adapted particularly well in the hot and arid climate of New Mexico. This very chile has become one of our favorite ingredients and a staple in the New Mexican diet - green chile! These chiles have adapted so well to their environment that the same plots of land used hundreds of years ago are still used for the same purpose, and still produce that mouth-watering fruit (yes it's a fruit)!

Did you know green chile is incredibly good for you? Some of our elder New Mexicans claim that they've lived so long because green chile is part of their regular diet!

Green Chile Fuego Cider

Fuego Green Chile cider is a traditional herbal folk remedy in a vinegar base. It is recommended to help ward off illness, especially during peak cold and flu season. This herbal blend helps to boost the immune system, while stopping cold and flu bugs dead in their tracks.


organic apple cider vinegar, New Mexico green chile, ginger, horseradish, turmeric, onion, garlic, long pepper, raw honey

8 oz.

This cider is made in small batches with heartfelt love and care. Because each batch requires individual devotion, bottles may vary from one to another in taste, consistency, and color.

This spicy medicine will promote good health and vitality, and give you a kick when you need one!

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