Bed time routines are hard because we use up a lot of our will power being and doing good during the day. However, practicing good night habits can make your nights feel more restful and your days feel a lot brighter! Here are a few helpful tips to winding down, having happy dreams, and waking up feeling refreshed.  

Try this for a week...
  1. Drink water after dinner: You may not want to chug a bunch of water right before bed and find yourself up in the middle of the night using the bathroom, so start early on. Drink a glass and then a few more glasses early in the evening to get your body ready and hydrated for your 8 or so hours of rest.
  2. Prep for a happy tomorrow: Set out your clothes, make your lunch box, prep the coffee pot, fill your tea kettle, make a prioritized list of tasks you'll accomplish, and anything else that will make you feel more prepared for tomorrow so you can focus on relaxing during the night. 
  3. Avoid screens and artificial light: Watching shows and scrolling on cellphones are super common bedtime habits but the artificial light triggers the brain to stay active rather than wind down. If you want to watch a show or play around on your phone try doing it earlier in the evening. Committing to the wind down phase of the evening up to an hour before bed time will help your mind transition more naturally into rest mode.
  4. Make a cup of herbal tea: Of course we're a little biased on this one but drinking tea before bed is a sacred ritual for the OBTC family! We love a full pot of Peppermint and Lemongrass before bed because it reduces inflammation and can help alleviate muscle aches and pains. Peppermint and Lemongrass can also help to combat a stuffy nose, a sore throat, upset stomach, and boost immunity. It is an overall wellness booster and it is a natural breath freshener! We prefer this blend served hot and unsweetened before bed. 
  5. Stretch and reflect: Set aside 15 minutes to release tension in your body and to think about your day in a positive light. Since we consolidate memories in our sleep, going to bed with stress on your mind will only make your dreams feel stressful! Take a few minutes to tend to your tired muscles, to feel gratitude for the day and to set yourself up for happy dreams.
  6. Get clean: Warm water is a natural human comfort! If you have any doubts just think about how you feel in the shower. Try rinsing off, taking a bath or even just soaking your feet in the tub before crawling into bed: you'll feel more relaxed, fresh, and ready to dive into a deep sleep! We recommend adding Lavender Essential Oil to your shower or bath to get the best benefit. If you're feeling really motivated try giving yourself a honey facial with Avocado Honey - just take a spoonful to spread on your face and let sit while you soak in your shower or bath. 
  7. Go easy on yourself: Many people struggle to fall asleep because they're having anxiety about not getting enough sleep - it's ok if you're not the type who falls deep into sleep the moment your head hits the pillow. After turning off the lights and closing your eyes, take the time while your mind is still active to visualize yourself doing something fun and let your mind play until your body is ready for sleep. It's not a race to get there - just get there happily.

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