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∙ grapefruit ∙ patchouli ∙ clary sage ∙

April showers bring May flowers! May is the month that is in between Spring and Summer, and is the time of year where nature is in full bloom! May provides us the ideal setting to soak in the energy and inspiration that Mother Nature offers us. We crafted an essential oil combination that mirrors the lively and energetic feeling that the month of May infuses into our lives.

These three oils work together to encourage us to connect with nature, and in turn, ourselves. This month only, when you buy all three together you get 10% off!

 When blending this combination we recommend using 2 parts Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil, 1 part Patchouli Essential Oil, and 2 parts Clary Sage Essential Oil.

Fresh Hippie Essential Oil Blend

This balanced essential oil trio is playful and warm, as it captures the nurturing aroma of herbaceous greenery and the lively scents of spring in full bloom. This blend is intended to help us connect with the healing elements of nature, as notes of energizing citrus inspire feelings of cleanliness and creativity, while woody and herbal notes ground the body and soul, providing emotional and physical strength. 

When blended together, the zesty citrus of the Grapefruit is complimented with warm woody notes of Patchouli and balanced with the sweet herbaceous elements of Clary Sage.

🌿 This aroma captures the essence of  being submerged in a bountiful meadow where aromas of natural fruit, flowers and wood send you to cloud 9. 🌿


Aromatherapy and yoga are both ancient healing practices focused on physical, mental and spiritual health. They have developed in close connection, often times through nature, for thousands of years and historically have been used in tandem to support the body, clear the mind, and lift the spirit. Essential oils can be a beautiful compliment to your yoga practice and a powerful part of building a deep connection with yourself and with nature. Try this...

  • Before practicing yoga, combine Clary Sage and Patchouli with a body oil to massage into the abdomen to relax tight muscles. This will provide a warming sensation that eases tension.
  • Massage Patchouli and Grapefruit on your feet or temples during savasana to open your heart and to promote creative energy flow.
  • Dilute Grapefruit and Clary Sage in water and spray onto yoga mat after use to clean and remove any bacteria.
  • Diffuse Grapefruit and Clary Sage after a morning yoga session to encourage an energizing and productive day.


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