'Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.' - Lao Tzu

This month we are focusing on minimizing waste, being better friends to the bees and getting more in touch with nature. 🌸 Observing nature reminds us to slow down, be more self aware and to not take life for granted. Starting a nature journal is an excellent and easy way to grow your relationship with the natural world and to reconnect with your self in many ways. Here's some tips on how to get started.

1. Record what you observe.

Pick a place to be outside and use all senses to soak in the nature around you. Start by writing down what you see, hear, and smell. Recording your natural surrounds can also include doing things like leaf rubbings, drawings of trees or animal tracks, and even collecting small things to tape inside your journal like leaves, feathers, and petals.

2. Collect words.

A great way to reach even deeper into your relationship with nature is to write it out. Copy down your favorite quotes and poems from authors like Ralph Waldo Emerson or Mary Hunter Austin. Then, write your own poems while sitting outside about summer thunderstorms, turtles hatching and crawling into the ocean, or the life of a bee.

3. Research.

A fun way to challenge yourself to understand nature more is to pick an animal or a plant, draw it or take a picture of it, then go home and research it. Write down what you learned, then use watercolors or colored pencils to create a color palette of the colors found on the animal or plant you studied.

We hope you spend April feeling awe and gratitude for our amazing home.

🌎 💙

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