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floral tote bag employee designed, durable and unique 🌼 🌷 🌼 🌷 🌼 The perfect addition to your collection.  🌷 As the world transitions to more sustainable practices, do your part by using this tote for groceries and much more, instead of using plastic or single use bags. It’s practical, Mother Earth approved, and it’s also a fashion statement. Keep in your car for all of your on the go needs or use as a book bag or purse! I mean come on, look how cute it is. ⬇ Take a look at these floral teas just in time for spring! ⬇︎ Lavenderberry White Honeysuckle Blossom Oolong Jasmine White Monkey Green

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DIY Hair, Skin & Cuticle Oil with essential oils Using essential oils in your self care routine is a game changer! In this DIY, we are focusing on skin and hair health because we feel so dry and brittle in the winter months! The Cedarwood essential oil in this mixture is naturally antibacterial and soothes conditions like acne and eczema, while the Rosemary in this blend works to promote hair growth as it moisturizes the scalp and strengthens your hair follicles. THINGS YOU NEED: carrier oil of your choice (Grapeseed oil for blemish prone skin, jojoba oil for oily skin, almond oil for dry skin, rosehip seed oil for aging skin.) 1 oz glass dropper bottle 6 drops of vitamin E oil 7 drops...

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Rooibos Tea caffeine free & naturally sweet Rooibos tea (roy-bows) translates to "red bush tea," and is a smooth and naturally honey flavored herbal tisane grown in the Cederberg Mountains of the Western Cape. Indigenous people have used the leaves to make herbal remedies for almost 300 years! Fun fact: Rooibos doesn't grow red on the bush, it is actually green, but turns red in an oxidation process, much like green and red chile! While red rooibos is more common, green rooibos is also wonderfully flavorful (it's in our Butterfly Garden and Prickly Pear Tea). Green rooibos has a more delicate, herbal flavor, and steeps into a light orange-yellow cup of tea. Read more on the health properties of rooibos tea ⬇ RESEARCH TELLS...

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What tea is right for you? + the health benefits of the different types of teas 🌿🍃 Are you looking to reduce risk of disease, promote longevity, and get lots of antioxidants? White tea is your friend: Coconut Limoncello zesty ∙ tropical ∙ refreshing Lavenderberry White herbaceous ∙ fruit-forward ∙ delicate White Peach delicate ∙ juicy peach ∙ refreshing Are you wanting to promote your neurological health, increase your metabolism, and improve your mood? Green tea is where it's at. Matcha vibrant ∙ earthy ∙ mineral rich Prickly Pear fruit-forward ∙ sweet melon ∙ delicate tanginess Jasmine White Monkey Green floral ∙ refreshing ∙ delicate Are you trying to improve your cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood sugar levels? Say hello to black...

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lemon spritzer with butterfly garden  🦋 🍋 🦋 🍋 🦋 💞 Sweet 'n Simple 💞 Valentine's Day is right around the corner and this tea cocktail recipe captures the spirit of this special day. It is sweet, colorful, and freakin adorable. 🤗 Made with our Butterfly Garden tea, this cocktail is floral, light, and refreshing. It is sweetened with an Orange Blossom simple syrup and topped with a fresh squeeze of lemon, which turns this cocktail from pastel blue to a sunset pink. How much more magical can you get? HERE'S WHAT YOU NEED FROM US: Orange Blossom Honey Butterfly Garden INGREDIENTS: For simple syrup: 3-4 tsp. Butterfly Garden 1/2 cup Orange Blossom honey 1/2 cup hot water For cocktail: 1.5 ounce of vodka 1 ounce Butterfly Garden simple...

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