the inspiration behind the summer tea club


The official first day of summer is fast approaching, and that means it is almost time for our summer tea club to ship out! This summer is a special one because after a hard year and a half, we are healing, reflecting on our growth, and getting excited for a season full of playfulness, adventure, and human connection.

The Summer Tea Club mirrors what the world is going through right now, in a way. Some ingredients will take you back to childhood and inspire you to reflect on the simpler times, while other new ingredients introduce a sense of wonder and joy - much like the future we look forward to.


WHAT IT IS: Our seasonal tea club includes 6 of our favorite blends for the season crafted by our herbalist and master blender in Albuquerque, NM.

WHEN: The next shipment goes out June 15th! Otherwise, one will go out every fall, winter, spring, and summer.

WHAT'S THE PERK?: Tea club members will receive a special token in their summer shipment, which can be used to get 15% off loose leaf tea in store AND online all season long!


Summer Tea Club blend consumption may cause you to have a sudden urge to cannonball into a swimming pool 💦, make a tea cocktail with herbs from your garden 🍹, or go fruit picking in a warm and sunny orchard 🍒.

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