Pu Erh teas are my favorite class of teas! Before I became a part of the OBTC Family, I never even knew what a Pu Erh Tea was, similarly to many of our guests that walk into our stores daily! 

Pu erh teas come from the Camellia sinensis plant, like other tea leaves, and it has been aged, oxidized and fermented before drying. During the fermentation process, healthy microbes and microflora are present. This healthy bacteria is the same healthy bacteria found in yogurt that helps our digestive system function properly. Because of those microbes and healthy bacteria, drinking a cup of Pu erh tea helps with digestion, metabolism, bloating and weight loss. In fact, Pu erh tea is known on Instagram as the “Slim Tea.”

Pu Erh Teas have a rich and woodsy flavor, making it a great alternative to coffee as well! Our Chocolate OrangeCoconut CremePecan Pie, and Strawberry Hazelnut Pu Erh flavors are very decadent and dessert-like, helping to crave that pesky sweet tooth after a meal! The Irish Pu Erh is more fruit forward, and also our pre-workout tea!

I love to have a cup of Pu erh both after breakfast and lunch! This helps me feel less full, curbs that sweet tooth and little, adds with the digestion of those heavier meals, and gives me a little boost of caffeine that I may need in the morning and early afternoon. My favorite happens to be the Chocolate Orange Pu Erh, which is the first one that I tried. On the other hand, Amy, from our Durango location, loves a cup of “coconut cream Pu erh with a touch of honey and a splash of coconut milk!”

If you haven’t tried one of our Pu erh teas, I strongly suggest trying one! I don’t think you’ll be disappointed! 🌱

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