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+ history of the matcha tea ceremony
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This traditional matcha set includes a bamboo spoon (chashaku), a whisk (chasen) and a matcha bowl (chawan). Just scoop, pour, whisk, and sip.

Here's how you brew it.

Add a scoop of matcha with the chashaku and about 2 ounces of hot water to the chawan. Then use the chasen to whisk the matcha in a "W" shape until the matcha is fully dissolved and incorporated. You can then add more hot water until you reach your desired dilution.

The tea ceremony, or “chanoyu” in Japanese is a tradition that dates all the way back to the 16th century. The purpose of the ceremony is to celebrate harmony, respect and tranquility through quiet reflection and mindfulness.

What happens during the ceremony?

Matcha ceremonies are often set with a formal invitation. Guests are welcomed into the ceremony room, which is small, clean, and simple. The ceremony begins as the host or tea master prepares each utensil. After the matcha is made, the matcha bowl is passed in a circle so everyone may take a few sips while practicing mindfulness. After the ceremony ends, the guests and host bow to each other as as sign of respect.


Matcha tastes bold, earthy, and clean. It supports healthy brain function, boosts metabolism, and is rich in antioxidants. When you drink matcha, you are consuming the full tea leaf and all of the leaf's nutrients. Studies suggest that matcha is over 100 times more powerful (in regards to catechin content) than regular brewed green tea. 🤯

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