Merry Christmas

We hope it is cozy, sweet, and joyful!

All OBTC locations are closed today, as our employees are spending much deserved time with friends and family! Come see us after Christmas for all your tea, spice, and honey needs. We wish you a most joyous holiday, filled with lots of cheer.. and tea!

Speaking of tea...

Will you be participating in our Annual Matcha Challenge?

Why Matcha?

Matcha is the purest form of green tea and has MANY health benefits; it serves as the perfect mind and body booster to start the new year. It is energizing yet calming, as it generates waves in our brain that are associated with meditation, the dream state and that in-the-zone type of feeling. Matcha combats disease, boosts metabolism, and has anti-aging effects. It is soothing for anxiety, combats depressive feelings, boosts focus, and creates feelings of well-being.

Happy tea time & Merry Christmas!

check out these matcha tools and prepare for the challenge!

Matcha Set with Black Bowl

Matcha Set with Earth Tone Bowl

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