Happy December friends and happy holidays! The holiday season is one of my favorite times of the year. I love the festivities, spending time with family, the decorations, the joy - and I think we're all looking for a little something to brighten our days and lift our spirits as we close out 2020!

With the new month comes new products of the month! Check them out below! 👇

Tea of the Month: Christmas Cabin

CHRISTMAS CABIN is another great tea and coffee combination - COFTEA if you will - featuring NM Piñon Coffee's Adobe Morning. This decadent blend is full of warming chocolate, mint and coffee! It is energizing for the body and mind, supports immunity and longevity, and is great for metabolism and digestion. Grab a blanket, grab a cup, and snuggle up by the fire!

Christmas Cabin is blended with pu erh tea, American oak chips, NM Piñon Coffee (Adobe Morning), cacao shells, peppermint, safflower, and natural flavors. This blend is lovely served iced or hot, with a spoonful of honey and dash of cream!

Spice of the Month: Dana's All Purpose Seasoning

DANA'S ALL PURPOSE SEASONING is a wonderful all purpose seasoning created by the matriarch of our company! It is blended with sea salt, black pepper, cayenne, garlic, and Hatch chile.

This blend has been a part of our family for many years! The matriarch of this company, Dana, would blend this at home and make sure all of her friends and family had it well stocked in their kitchens!

We used Dana's All Purpose Seasoning to make the Perfect Prime Rib. Check out the recipe below! 👇

Essential Oil of the Month: Cedarwood Atlas

CEDARWOOD ATLAS has a rich, warm and woodsy aroma. It inspires feelings of wellness and vitality. It is best used for promoting relaxation and clarity, and repelling insects.

The holiday season can be a busy time with all of the hustle and bustle of holiday shopping and get togethers. Take a few moments for self care with this essential oil diffuser blend. Check out the recipe below! 👇

Meditation Blend

Add to your diffuser and relax!

We hope your December is full of love and joy and that you find moments of calm during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season! Come see us in store to shop for your loved ones, or for a moment of peace as you grab a cuppa tea to go!

đŸŒ±Â Maggie & the OBTC TEA(m)

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    That essential oil blend sounds fantastic. I need to try it

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