Building Healthy and Positive Workplace Relationships

📌 3 tips on how to do it 📌

This month we are focusing on nourishing and improving all of the relationships in our lives. When we think of the closest people to us, we often think of our spouses, friends, and family. But the people you work with are also a big part of your social network - sometimes we spend even more time with coworkers than we do with friends and family! Your workplace relationships are super important, and can be highly influential on your happiness and well-being.


1. Offer to help.

If you come to an early stopping point at work or have some down time, offer your assistance and knowledge to a coworker who is overwhelmed or struggling to complete a project. Know your strengths so that you can offer assistance on tasks that feel easy to you, but challenging for others - your help may relieve a huge burden from your coworker without adding much stress to your own plate. In turn, you might find friends in the workplace who have strengths you lack, and can support you with tasks you find more daunting.

2. Schedule time to develop relationships.

Schedule time to develop relationships so you can get to know your coworkers better. You might schedule time during lunch, during the first 10 minutes of your workday, or reserve the first 10 minutes of a meeting to be a time when everyone catches up with one another. Sometimes our schedules can feel so hectic that catching up feels like a waste of time, so intentionally reserving a limited amount of time can help us incorporate connecting with team members into our schedules in a productive way.

3. Curate a team building culture.

Build trust with team members and add an element of fun to your workplace. For some companies team building might mean hosting a company-wide workshop or attending retreats to nourish professional development and morale. For others, team building can be a lot more simple. Change up the work routine by hosting meetings in a novel way - plan a walking meeting or bring tea and snacks to share for picnic-style meeting outside. Invite your coworkers to participate in stretches that can be done from a desk twice a day, or share and diffuse brain-boosting essential oils during the workday to help stimulate creativity and focus. We believe practicing wellness together builds the strongest bonds. 💕


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Building relationships in the workplace is important for the success of the individual employees and the company; this is why so many companies nowadays place such a high value on nourishing a positive company culture.

Healthy and positive workplace relationships can:

  • Increase career satisfaction
  • Improve productivity and creativity 
  • Result in higher retention rates
  • Create a sense of belonging, a core human wellness need

Wishing you all a happy Monday!


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