1. Steep 1 Tbsp of GINGER and 1 tsp of cinnamon in a half cup of water
2. Mix 3 Tbsp of AVOCADO HONEY​ into the mixture
3. Strain out ginger pieces (optional) and pour into a glass jar
4. Keep refrigerated
Honey has long been used as a natural remedy for colds and coughs. It is a great immune system booster and soothing to a sore throat. Immunity is not just something we should think about when we're sick though - strong immunity protects us from a wide variety of ailments and diseases.  Immunity even plays an important role in helping our body resist seasonal allergies, which is why raw honey is consumed to combat the dreaded hay fever - not necessarily because of pollen exposure like most believe.
Are you participating? The "challenge" is to take one spoonful of honey each day - in your tea also counts! While this challenge was posed as a two week challenge, we don't anticipate stopping anytime soon. Why? Because honey is a pleasure to consume and the health benefits are extensive! 

The real honey challenge has been finding creative ways take our daily dose - and this ginger & cinnamon cough syrup was a fun one. It is bold and vegetal up front with that traditional sweet honey finish and a kick of spice! 

We chose to use AVOCADO HONEY for this recipe because the darker the honey, the more minerals and nutrients it has. AVOCADO HONEY is beautifully dark - making a great alternative cough syrup! If you prefer a milder flavor, try WILDFLOWER HONEY - this honey has more of a maple-syrup like taste.
This recipe was inspired by a "cold syrup" recipe in a lovely book called Honey Crafting by Leeann Coleman and Jayne Barnes.
Coleman, Leeann, and Jayne Barnes. Honey Crafting: from Delicious Honey Butter to a Healing Salve, Projects for Your Home Straight from the Hive. Adams Media, 2013.

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