Blue Cornflower

Supports the liver. Eases digestion. Reduces inflammation.

Blue cornflower, or centaurea cyanus, was named after Chiron, a famous centaur in Greek mythology. Chiron was a healer and teacher to the heroes of ancient Greece. He taught the medicinal uses of herbs and it is said that Chiron used cornflower to heal a poison arrow wound. Cornflower grows spontaneously wherever it can and is typically a vibrant blue color, but can be other colors such as pink, purple, or white.
Check out these blue cornflower teas:


  • Cornflower possesses digestive and diuretic properties, making it a natural remedy for digestive upset or constipation.
  • Its soothing qualities can help relieve tissue and skin inflammation while reducing pain.
  • Cornflower acts as a liver and gallbladder stimulant, working to detoxify and improve the structural and functional integrity of liver and gallbladder cells.

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