bee pollen butter tea

creamy ∙ buttery ∙ indulgent

Butter Tea is a traditional drink in Tibet made from tea leaves, butter (traditionally from yak milk), water, and salt. It is completely indulgent tasting and warms the body (and the heart). Our Bee Pollen tea shines in the spotlight of this recipe and many of our customers say it tastes like birthday cake, making it the perfect tea for this confectionary concoction. Sweetened with our Salt Cedar Honey and blended with butter, milk, Mexican Vanilla Bean Extract, and Vietnamese Cinnamon, this treat will have you drooling. 


Here is what you'll need.


Bee Pollen Black

Salt Cedar Honey

Mexican Vanilla Bean Extract

Vietnamese Cinnamon



  1. Steep Bee Pollen tea in 5 ounces of hot water.
  2. Remove infuser after steeping and stir in butter, salt, a dash of Mexican Vanilla Extract and Salt Cedar Honey. 
  3. Once all ingredients are dissolved into the brew, add half and half or milk of choice.
  4. Pour the brew into a blender or French press and froth the mixture in the blender or in a french press by rapidly raising and pressing the french press strainer.
  5. Top with Vietnamese Cinnamon and fresh bee pollen if desired.

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