This seasonal blend is on sale for just a few more days!

Winter Cabin

This decadent blend is full of warming chocolate, mint, and coffee! It is energizing for the body and mind, supports immunity, and longevity, and is great for metabolism and digestion. Grab a blanket, grab a cup, and snuggle up by the fire!

Winter Cabin

Let's dive deeper into the ingredients:

Pu erh Tea: This type of tea is great for promoting digestion and has a deep, earthy flavor.
American Oak Chips: These chips add lovely nutty flavor to this tea and are full of tannins which can inhibit inflammation in your body.
Coffee: Yes, coffee and tea go together like two peas in a pod! We use the Adobe Morning blend from our friends over at NM Piñon Coffee to add that robust and smooth flavor!
Cacao Shells: These add a nice natural chocolatey taste to the blend and are packed with flavonoids which can help improve circulation.
Peppermint: This ingredient adds a hint of nice cooling freshness to this blend and can help alleviate headaches.
Safflower: These bright red petals found in the blend have a mellow flavor and nutty aroma! They also have lots of linoleic acid, helping with all things related to blood flow.
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  • Halli Weis

    I would just like to know when the Winter Cabin tea will be available again. I recently just tried some of the old barrel teas and the Winter Cabin tea has become my absolute favorite! It’s deliccious but I am almost out now and would like to purchase some more.

  • Deb AGLE

    Hi. Can I purchase winter cabin oak? Thx

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