savoring moments & being mindful.

Happy December tea lovers! It is getting chilly, the last leaves on the trees are making their great descent, and holiday spirit is in the air. It is a time to slow down and be mindful, so you can savor each and every moment of this magical season.

 Get your cozies on, make a hot cup of your favorite tea and check out our tips for a joyful and present December.


Put the checklist down. ✏️

During this time of year there's lots of shopping, preparing, cooking, cleaning and planning. We can get caught up in trying to get everything done, and then it's all over in the blink of an eye. Slowing down and being present in these special moments is one of the best gifts you can give yourself.

1. Do one thing at a time. When you do multiple things at once and get in over your head, you might feel like life is flying by and you are missing it.

2. Savor the small moments. The holidays are filled with lots of happy things. Loved ones are reunited and we get to spend time together decorating, cooking, and playing games. Slow down and soak it in while it is here.

3. Don't forget to go outside. Take frequent breaks from your organized chaos and ground yourself outside. Connecting with nature, even for a few minutes, can reset your day and remind you of what is important.

Eat Mindfully. 🌶

December is a month filled with so much good food. Sometimes we over eat, eat just to eat, feel guilty about what we eat or even forget to eat during the busy holiday season! Remember that food is meant to nourish, to be savored and to be enjoyed whole-heartedly, without judgement, guilt, or anxiety.

When you attend family functions, festitivites and celebrations this month remember this:

1. Engage all 5 senses to appreciate every element of what you are eating.

2. Listen to what your body wants and needs.

3. Bring awareness to each and every bite.

4. Pick foods to savor, to sample and to skip.

Do Good Things. 🧤

It's the season of giving after all! Sometimes the holidays can feel like it is all about opening presents and spending a ton of money. Focus on upping your kindness this month instead.

1. Shop conscientiously. Think of your dollars as votes. Where you are spending is what you are supporting; choose businesses and products this holiday season that align with your values.

2. Make donations. A big part of being mindful is recognizing all the privileges we have. Donate coats, blankets and canned food to local shelters or drop off locations to help those in need. Also, don't be afraid to reach out and ask what local non-profits are in need of. They might surprise you.

 3. Show love to others. Bake cookies or casseroles to bring to a nursing home, keep hand warmers and blankets in your vehicle to hand out to the homeless, or offer to host someone in your community who could use a friend during the holidays. Most of all let your kindness shine.

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