🥚Tea Dyed Eggs🥚

an easy & wholesome activity for the kids this easter

Every year, as the first weekend of April approaches, people across the globe hard boil eggs and dye them bright colors. Why are eggs associated with Easter and why do we dye them? 

Eggs are symbolic of rebirth and new life, making them an appropriate part of the celebration of spring and the new life that comes after winter. Even thousands of years ago, it was common for eggs to be decorated with natural dyes from vegetables, fruit and you guessed it-tea leaves! The eggs would be given as gifts to friends and family, and the tradition carries on to this day.

how to naturally dye eggs with tea and spices


What you need for each batch:

(makes 4 eggs in 1 color)

2 cups of boiling water 

1 tbsp. white vinegar 

4-6 rounded tsp. of dyeing component (tea/spices)

Hard boiled eggs


If you are in a vegan household, use this formula on kids socks!


1. In a bowl or pitcher, combine the boiling water with the dyeing component of your choice. Do not strain the leaves or spices out. Let the tea/herb/spice come to room temperature, then add the boiled eggs to the brew.

2. Let the eggs sit in the tea/herb/spice in the fridge, overnight (or for 6-8 hours).

3. After the eggs have dyed overnight, remove them from the tea/herb/spice with a slotted spoon, then gently wipe them dry with a paper towel. Enjoy!

Dyeing Components We Recommend: 

South Indian Black

Dying your eggs in this black tea transfers a beautiful red-clay color to your eggs! 


Matcha leaves a light and fresh green tint to your eggs. For a more vibrant green, sprinkle matcha on top after soaking in dye!

Turmeric Powder

Turmeric brightens your eggs with a playful sunny yellow. Perfect for Easter and Spring.


Hibiscus makes the most surprising color-grey! The eggs may also turn out "tie dye" with swirling colors of stone grey and blue.

When tea-dying eggs remember, it's an experiment! You may get colors you weren't expecting, but that is part of the fun. To ensure a noticeable transfer of color, teas must be strongly brewed to double or triple the standard strength. Along with their brilliant color, expect to taste some of the tea’s flavor in the eggs. Just under the shell, the surface of the egg white may also be stained. These pastel dinosaur-looking beauties are ideal for making deviled eggs and egg salads!

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